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  • Lectures and seminars on computational approaches to the study of culture and society

    The Department of Philosophy and CCS-Lab at the University of West Bohemia invite you to a series of lectures and transdisciplinary seminars on the topic Computing Culture & Society: Applications and Reflections. More information: PDF file

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  • Choose Plzeň for ERASMUS+

    Find out more about possibilities to come to Plzeň via Erasmus+. To get all the important information about the application proccess, accomodation etc., please visit the UNIVERSITY OF WEST BOHEMIA web page. You can also have a look at our Department of Philosophy ("KFI") website, which contains useful information for both before and after your arrival at Plzeň.


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  • The Research Centre for Theory and History of Science

    RCTHS focuses on the exploration of the philosophical aspects of past and present scientific research. The aim is to grasp the philosophical foundations and consequences of scientific theories, to analyse scientific methods, to explore the effects of scientific research on culture, to present the history of key scientific terms and metaphors, to point out the transformations in the function of science over the course of history, to elaborate on the findings of the traditional philosophy of science, to develop philosophical analyses of science from the 20th century, to ask questions about the role of science in the modern world and to explore the expectations which have been associated with scientific research.


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