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Hamid R. Ekbia Professor of Informatics, Cognitive Science, and International Studies: AI and Future of Work: Economic Crisis and Technological Mediations


The adoption of AI techniques and technologies in various domains of work has raised questions and concerns about the changing character of jobs, skills, and careers. Many such concerns are driven by particular assumptions about technology as the driver of social change, about automation as the determinant of the job market, and about growth and productivity as the ultimate goals of economic activity. The disruptions of Covid‐19 unsettled many of these assumptions. In particular, standard notions of work are questioned by millions of people who are driven to the edge, facing dilemmas between job and safety, income and security, and wellbeing and mortality.

The dilemmas are pushed to the sidelines by dominant players who see the disruptions as an opportunity for intensified exploitation, appropriation, and wealth accumulation. In between, we have a group of hot‐skilled individuals who find partial comfort in having the option of teleworking, while adjusting their family and social life.These disruptions have reconfigured modern societies, dividing them into social worlds that are driven further apart through technological mediations. Such mediations have deep roots in the capitalist modernity, which has persistently shuffled social relationships based on social, economic, and spatiotemporal differences among communities. In this talk, I will examine these
mediations, exploring other alternative futures.

Datum zahájení 30.11.2022
Datum ukončení 30.11.2022
Místo konání RJ 209, 11:00
Počet účastníků z ČR 15
Počet zahraničních učastníků 3
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