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Marie Sassine - Jan Patočka: Freedom to Embrace History


Dne 2.10. od 16:00 hodin vystoupí na Katedře filozofie kanadská filosofka z Dominican University College Marie Sassine se svou přednáškou věnovanou Janu Patočkovi.


Marie Antonios Sassine, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Centre for New Questions in Ethics, Technology, and Society (CETS)
Directrice exécutive, Centre pour des nouvelles questions en éthique, technologie et société (CETS)
Dominican University College | Collège universitaire dominicain


Abstract: The lecture proposes that Patočka’s critique of technological civilization opens a new perspective that is vitally important to our age.  In the Heretical Essays, a central question that emerges in the analysis of our technological civilization, both in its opportunities and dangers, is “whether historical humans are still willing to embrace history.” The question can only be understood, however, in its significance and relevance to our age, if viewed within a specific configuration of concepts that place in relief the promise and the fundamental coherence of Patočka’s project. The focus will, therefore, be on his particular critique of technique (relative to Husserl and Heidegger) as a relation to truth that constrains and limits possibilities of freedom, and on how his strikingly original notions of sacrifice and war, polemos, provide at once a profound insight into the nature of technique and a potential response to the danger it presents. In order for these concepts to reveal their depth, they will be situated within the context of his extraordinary reading of Plato’s chorismos and care of the soul. Care of the soul is what allows us to discern sacrifice and to be capable of offering it. This is because care of the soul is itself always a practice of sacrifice. It is the place from which we can truly embrace history—meaning, in the most pragmatic sense, the place from which we can act rather than submit to unknown forces. 

Datum zahájení 02.10.2019
Datum ukončení 02.10.2019
Místo konání SO214 (Sedláčkova 38, Plzeň) od 16:00
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