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Mgr. Matěj Drobňák - Understanding in Context


Dnes 25. 10. 2019 od 10.30 v RJ 209 vystoupí Mgr. Matěj Drobňák, Ph.D. (KFSV FF UHK) s příspěvkem Understanding in Context. 


Matej Drobňák: University of Hradec Králové, Department of Philosophy and Social Science, Post-Doc. He is interesting in Philosophy of Language, Metasemantics, Philosophy of Linguistics.

Abstract: Understanding in Context. If we look at the recent discussions in philosophy of language, we can see a growth of an interest in the topic of how context influences the content of a sentence/an utterance. The importance of the topic rises especially with regard to the aim of finding psychological mechanisms responsible for our linguistic understanding. We can list literalism (Emma Borg) and contextualism (Francois Recanati) as the most prominent approaches that aim to explain context-sensitivity of natural languages and semantic understanding. In the first part of my talk, I will present both approaches. In the second part of the talk, I will present a novel inferential view on context-sensitivity and linguistic understanding. As I will argue, the biggest advantage of inferentialism is that it allows us to explain linguistic understanding as a matter of degree – which is a feature that I take to be an important part of our linguistic performance.

Datum zahájení 25.10.2019
Datum ukončení 25.10.2019
Místo konání RJ 209, 10:30
Více informací www.kfi.zcu.cz
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