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Marie Heřmanová - Digital ethnography and the reflexivity of researcher in the field


Mgr. Marie Heřmanová, Ph.D. (SOÚ AV ČR) vystoupí dne 11. 10. 2019 od 10:30 v RJ 209 s příspěvkem Digital ethnography and the reflexivity of researcher in the field. 


Marie Heřmanová currently works as post-doc researcher at the Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences. She has a degree in social anthropology from Charles University in Prague. In her academic work, she focuses on migration, globalization, gender identities and media anthropology. She also works as a journalist and consultant in the NGO sector.

Abstract: Digital ethnography and the reflexivity of researcher in the field. As our digital identities present ever more important part of our everyday social existence, qualitative methods of researching the digital are fastly developing. The ongoing discussion among anthropologists and sociologists focus on a few central questions – how connect what people are doing in everyday (offline) reality with how they present themselves online? What impact does the growing pressure of specific modes of visual online presentation have on our sense of self and our subjectivity in general? The lecture will try to sum up the methodological discussion around digital anthropology and digital ethnography and reflect on questions related to research ethics in the digital field. I will use examples of my own ethnographic fieldwork about digital identities of young indigenous people in Mexico to explore the main challenges of doing fieldwork in the online sphere.

Datum zahájení 11.10.2019
Datum ukončení 11.10.2019
Místo konání RJ 209, 10:30
Více informací www.kfi.zcu.cz
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