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Basic Information

The Department of Philosophy ("KFI") at the University of West Bohemia offers education and research in philosophy, especially the history of philosophy, epistemology, philosophy and methodology of natural sciences, the humanities and technology, logic, philosophy of cognitive sciences, ethics, aesthetics, philosophy of religion and religious studies. 

The research activities of our department focus on two areas. The first explores the philosophical, theoretical and historical aspects of science (history of science and technology, philosophical reflection of science in its theoretical and historical dimension). The second area focuses on the Cultural studies.

The department ("KFI") offeres the two study programs: 1) Philosophy, 2) Humanities.

In the Philosophy program, the department offers:

  • a bachelor degree in Philosophy;
  • a master degree in Analytic philosophy and Philosophy of science.

In the Humanities program, the department offers:

  • a bachelor degree in Humanities;
  • a master degree in European Cultural Studies ;
  • a master degree in Theory and Philosophy of Communication;
  • a Ph.D. degree in Theory and History of Science and Technology.

Here you can find practical information important for incoming students, such as the courses we offer or the semester schedule. If you have any questions, please contact jacerna@kfi.zcu.cz.

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